VC Tips, Tips and Hints database.

VC Tips will store all your tips in a database format which will allow for easy access to any tips you may need.
This program allows you to add, edit, delete and search for tips in a database environment making it easier for you to manipulate information.

Enter new Tips into existing or new Groups (You choose the name of the Group and select a picture to represent that Group or the default picture will be used).

You can Add, Edit or Delete any Tip that is already entered in the Database.

View Tips you have entered, such as Windows Me, Office Xp and many others.

Find Tips quick and easy.

The Program can search the database for a sentence, a word or part of a word on the Subject or Description.

Export Tips so you can exchange with your friends. (Export VC Tips Version 1.00 can not be Imported with older versions)

Export can be used as a backup of your current database.

Import can be used to restore Tips from your backup's.

Import Tips from friends, so you can include them to your Database. (VC Tips Version 1.00 can import from older versions)

Import only adds Tips that you don't have, no duplicates in your database.

Delete the entire Database. (After deleting the database, it can never be recovered)

You can Print out the current Tip onto hardcopy for a friend or yourself.

VC Tips can be moved, resized or minimized. The position will be saved automatically.

Default Screen Position returns to the original position and size.

There are more self explanatory features in the program, that are not listed here.

VC Tips will run on Windows 9x, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

NOTE: Please read the README.TXT file before installation!

VC Tips it's FREEWARE!

  Click here to download VC Tips program, Version 1.00 (4.3MB)

  Click here to download VC Tips Full Database (886KB)

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