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What can VC SplitFile do?

  VC SplitFile splits a large file into small files for easier transportation!

      This program allows you to split files by size or quantity of files and allows you to send them via email or copy them to other media.

  You can join the split files without using VC SplitFile.

      If you send a bunch of split files to someone, they do NOT need VC SplitFile to join them into the original form.

      VC SplitFile creates a batch file that does the joining so they will never get stuck because VC SplitFile provides the solution without being present. 

  Split the file by size or by quantity of files, whichever you prefer.

  No need to type boring long path names, just click a button and Navigate through your system to get the file path to be split and the same goes for the destination split files.

  Allows you to choose the name of the split files.

  Tells you about the progress of the file being split by giving you info through the Progress Bar by the Packet.

  If you prefer, VC SplitFile will send the split files to your mailer with the files attached plus a self generated message with the details to join the split files.

     This whole process is done automatically.

     You just have to select the email addresses to send to.

  VC SplitFile has its own address book.

     You can enter individual email addresses or import all your email addresses from your mailer.

  VC SplitFile comes with multi-line Tool Tips for a more extended explanation of each input or action.

     The Tool Tips' display time can be changed from zero to thirty seconds.

     Tool Tip colours can be changed to suit your visual needs.

   VC SplitFile offers Tool Tips on all buttons and boxes for instant help on the spot.

   VC SplitFile can be resized and positioned anywhere and the program will remember the last size and position automatically.

    If you are often using one split file size, you can set it as a default so you do not have to type split file sizes over and over.


   There are more self-explanatory features in the program, that are not listed here.

    VC SplitFile will run on Windows 9x, Windows Me, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

    Please make sure you have the latest updates for the Operating System and Internet Explorer.


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NOTE: Please read the README.TXT file before installation!

This program is Trialware!

You have 30 days to try before buy!


Purchase with Credit Card R200.00  


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VC SplitFile Step-by-Step will guide you through the program.

It will show you the installation of the program until you start getting the first results.

  Click here to download VC SplitFile Step-by-Step (1.8MB)

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