VC System Memory Monitor Version 1.00

VC System Memory Monitor is a tool that allows you to monitor how much memory you have installed and what amount of memory is available.
You can use this program to see if the programs you use really release the memory back to the system after exiting the program.


This program is FREEWARE!


  Click here to download VC System Memory Monitor version 1.00  (1.4MB)


What can VC System Memory Monitor do?

Displays (In a Blue Colour) the total physical memory (NOT Resources) installed.

Displays (In a Red Colour) total physical memory available (Free Memory).

It can 'Stay On Top': when enabled it can stay and never disappear from the 
    desktop - even when other programs are running.
    To activate 'Stay On Top', simply click on the button 'Click me to Go On Top'
To Get out of 'Stay On Top', simply click on the About button then click on Ok.
     If you close the program by clicking on the x, the next time you run the program
     it will run normally - 'Stay On Top' needs to be activated again if you want to use it.

This program allows you to track the programs that use too much memory.
    Run VC System Memory Monitor and click on 'Click me to Go On Top'. Wait a moment 
    or two for the system to stabilize and take note of how much Free memory you have.
    Run the programs you suspect and work with them for a while.
    After working with the programs, let the system stabilize for a moment or two then
    take note of the Free Memory you have.
    Close the programs you suspected, wait a moment or two for the system to
    stabilize and take note of the Free Memory you now have.

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